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In February of 2011, Robby & Lauren Kinsey opened our original location, The FIXX on Walnut, in the hopes of setting down roots in the New Braunfels Community.  In addition to finding a home in the heart of NB, a community, team, and a family of individuals grew from the first employees at The Fixx Hair Studio – several celebrated their 10-year anniversary with us in 2021!  

The Fixx on Walnut (Fixx #1)

Our devotion to continuing education and unparalleled teamwork led to growth in numbers across our incredible clients and talented employees.  As a result, we opened our second location, The FIXX at 35, in the summer of 2016.

The Fixx on I-35 (Fixx #2)

From 2016 to 2021, our team has demonstrated tremendous resilience adjusting and adapting to a company with multi-locations.  We would be remiss to not recognize that this level of growth (and during a global pandemic!) is solely a result of the people.  The people who have become family and work side-by-side together, embodying daily what it means to be a TEAM.  That is, to make mistakes, to take responsibility, and vow to do better – to learn and to communicate and to make amends.  We by no means claim to be perfect; however, we recognize the beauty in a team of this magnitude humbly believing that an incredible haircut or service has the power to impact guests’ mood, confidence, and/ or belief that there is still goodness in the world.  

We successfully opened our newest location, The FIXX at 1425, in July of 2021.  What lies ahead is an unexplored, new frontier for us.  Although that may be scary to some, we can rest easy knowing our core values, our desire to be good to people, and commitment to an excellent service and experience will pave the way for what comes next…

The Fixx at 1425 (Fixx #3)
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